Nurturing the Youth’s Potential, One Milestone at a Time
children looking at the camera smiling

Apostolic Revival Center Christian School is a state-registered educational facility open to preschoolers, kindergartners, and school-age children. We offer programs based on K-12 and have enrichment activities that encourage socialization with peers.

We invite parents to be part of their child’s educational journey at all times. Their childhood, after all, is a vital part of character building. The parent’s role cannot be emphasized enough, which is why our teachers at Apostolic Revival Center Christian School will coordinate closely with you as your child progresses through our different programs.

We are committed to helping our students advance in life’s early childhood milestones, fulfilling the following developmental facets:

  • Communication and Early Language Skills
  • Conceptual and Cognitive Development
  • Socialization Skills
  • Executive Function, Task Completion, and Focus
  • Creative Vocal Expression
  • Physical Motor Skills Development
  • Fostering Emotional Skills
Mission Statement

Apostolic Revival Center Christian School’s goal is focused on advancing early childhood milestones while promoting Christian values as they course through their academic journey.