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    Preparing young individuals for a higher level of learning.

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    Leading students to gain skills and growth development.

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    Helping the youth uncover their full potential.

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Welcome to Apostolic RevivalCenter Christian School

The child, as a young learning human being, is naturally curious. Children experience the world through their five senses and can easily absorb new information by simple observation and by reacting to novel stimuli.

We use this receptive time in their youth to educate them academically and spiritually. At the Apostolic Revival Center Christian School, your child will be holistically immersed in activities that promote Christian values as they go through their academic journey. Enroll for the next school opening and we’ll be happy to have your child in one of our classes this August.

Our Commitment mission statement

Apostolic Revival Center Christian School's goal is focused on advancing early childhood milestones while promoting Christian values as they course through their academic journey.

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